SBR ammo 9mm armor piercing

Looking on SBR’s website today (they don’t list nearly anything for direct retail sale anymore), and at the bottom of the list of their 9x19 variants they showed a restricted-sale L.E.O. 9mm AP load with a 115gr bullet. I called them and a rep told me that it is a standard steel core FMJ bullet with black tip. He says most of their sales are agency or export related these days. Of late they have also had deals going with Polycase ammo (also in Georgia).

He said they will be at SHOT show, and that their bullet board there will have this 9mm AP if somebody wanted to photograph or touch it, which might be the only way typical civilians will get hands-on with it. Is anyone in the IAA going to SHOT show?

Here is a screen-grab image from SBR’s website showing the load at the bottom of the chart:


I just noticed recently that the SBR website now shows data sheets for some of their police / military AP loads, and that the 9mmm version is now listed as 100gr. The index number has also changed to RS9100AP, and they show an image of a cartridge with an all-black bullet. As far as I know it is a copper jacketed steel-core projectile: