SBR headstamp


I have acquired this SBR headstamped .45 ACP round and do not know what the SBR stands for? Round is non magnetic.



Joe - There were several threads on the SBR cartridges. I think you can get there by searching “SBR” although I’ve never had much luck when searching short names.

Good Luck




Yea, search works now, it did not come up with anything before…



It’s Southern Ballistic Research in Georgia. The green tip is for a short range tracer (as opposed to their “extended range tracer”), both of which are red trace elements. They used to retail lots of common calibers in tracer, but have been limited to mostly 9mm for the past several years. They barely try anymore in terms of retail and mostly do government / agency contracts as far as I can tell. They have a relationship with Polycase, also in Georgia, to load their “ARX” frangible bullet in .458 SOCOM.