Just picked these 9mmP cases up at my local range. The layout of the WCC looked odd, not to mention a dated headstamp on a nickel case. Who or what is SBR?


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SBR = Southern Ballistic Research

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SBR is here in Georgia and has produced quite a varity of tracers, different colors, long and short range and IR and in different bullet weights. They are also producting frangible ammo and probably other loads.

I think the nickel-plated WCC +P+ with the date is probably for LE only sales to police and various agencies. Mine all have a green pa. I have boxes dated back to the 1995 and it has a generic commercial style label with the horseman in back and white. The end label is stamped, not printed

9mm LUGER +P+
127gr. SXT
There is no National Stock Number so they are not military.

Thee is a note on the back that these loads have a maximum average pressure that is 20% to 25% higher than the industry standard pressures for 9mm Luber and a warning not to use in UZI firearms.

The same headstamp occurs in both brass and nickel plated cases and with a number of bullet styles. My rounds date through 04. The same headstamp style but with smaller letters was used back to the early 1980s.




Thanks guys, local police do use my range on occasion.