Scammer alert


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The paypal Friends and Family does not charge any fees IF you have a paypal account, but you paid a fee because you used a credit card instead.
I find it convenient to have a paypal account for both purchases and sales.
Yes, CC companies are VERY helpful when a charge dispute happens, and will almost always [99%?] side with the card holder- a little customer service goes a long way, and they are not really out any money in the bigger scheme of things.

Unfortunately a admin here is in no way wanting to help either, they have removed my posts about him and his address from the forum. I was told it wasn’t appropriate to post about it here, even know the scamming was coming from this forum and a guy using this forum to scam members. All I was trying to do is stop him from screwing over other members here but was met with hostility from one admin and the info was removed. If you want his address message me and I can tell you it, if I post it here they will just remove it. He is in KY. I also agree, the police are worthless in cases like this, most of the time nothing happens. The best thing to do is to just get the word out and stop him from scamming other people.

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If I might explain

You and others may have been hurt but this is an educational forum where we discuss in technical terms the rounds that are in question be they what one thinks is good or another bad.

So discussing a possible fake or reproduction is perfectly alright.

We are not here to enforce the law or to call others fakers or sellers of fakes.

By posting a persons name & address we could open the club up to slander.

I have no access to the names so I don’t even know if either of you gentlemen are members of the IAA or not?

Our federal tax license says we must admit the public to this part of the forum and have posts of an educational matter. Posting names is not educational regarding ammunition.

That might also be the reason other sites are also not allowing this public shaming.

If it is so important start your own website for this, but see a lawyer first. My 2¢

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I can appreciate Petes’ position, and agree with it… mostly.
But, if someone is on this forum stealing from people he should be stopped, blocked, censured, or whatever may work.

My point with contacting local police is that he may very well be guilty of other crimes, and keeping it at or below $100 per offense keep him below the police radar… how many other $100 thefts might have been reported to his/her local police?

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Some will be happy.

Some will not.

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It’s not Pete’s position. It’s the IAA’s position. We routinely remove people’s names various times in various contexts.

Additionally, in this particular case, one of the reasons we have the BST forum is so that people can deal with people who are at least an IAA member. Even that is not always perfect and there have been issues before but it’s at least one small level of trust AND we would at least know who the people are then.

If some random person PMs you to buy or sell something you should always be a little extra wary.

We support various cartridge shows and reputable auctions too and list them on our webpage. This is probably the safest way to buy things.

Aaron, I just referenced Pete because he posted the comment.

HOWEVER, my advice to people who have been scammed is still to contact the police in the location where the scammer lives, because if nobody complains because “… it is only $100…”, the scammer is not stopped.
Who knows how many dozens of people got scammed out of $100?

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Pete, so you just don’t care if the forum is used for scamming people and members? Just to keep some standard of being educational? I think the members and non members deserve more, and rightly should know I have a guy is actively scamming people through this forum. I think letting people know there is a guy scamming is keeping the integrity of the forum, at least that’s my opinion. Your statement could be read as I don’t care, didn’t happen to me, but what if it did? Would you have the same position? I think not.

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Well, your first sentence sounds more than a bit condescending & quite rude since you don’t know me, but to reply I have been hurt buying ammo from others, if you think I’ve been seriously collecting for over 39 years (Total time collecting about 68 years) & have not been hurt your not being even close to being realistic.
And I do care. AGAIN It is just that this is not the place for it. FOR the reasons I stated.

You have my symphony for yours & IowaGuns loss. But causing the club to go under will only hurt the membership, we are charged with protecting

You never mentioned if you were a member of the IAA or not

ARE YOU ? If not you have nothing to loose?

Perhaps you should check into the qualifications to have a not-for-profit 4c IRS tax status & before you bandy about the word “educational”? I was just re-elected treasurer (director for a term & a half [9 years] before that), and as part of those duties I take it on myself, as do the other directors and officers, to be aware of things that could hurt the club financially and / or cause it ruin. A lawsuit or the chance thereof would just do that plus by allowing this to go on here, as I said, we could loose our not-for-profit status with the IRS. Thus loose the site as we couldn’t support it. If you are a member you saw the not inexpensive costs in the last journal.

Aaron is correct as to why we have a members only on the buy/sell/ trade and the list of trustworthy dealers. We do try our best within the system we have to work with to prevent it.

BadgerJack also has a good point.


My wife had another thought, try the local Better Business Bureau.

Pete - I wholeheartedly agree with you. It might be my European nancy view but mentioning names in the open is a quick way to tons of issues.


Thank you Ole, it’s the IAA position on this as Aaron stated above. I was just trying to help with the understanding of why.

When ever I contact someone by e-mail or at gun shows, I always identify myself as a IAA Forum member. I even wear that little IAA membership card on the front of my jacket when I go to gun shows. Never had a bit of trouble…………yet.