SCAMP Machinery

I am looking for info and pics of the G+W supplied SCAMP ammunition machinery used at LC, IWI and ?. There seems to be very limited info on the subject. I am particularly interested at how they can reach outputs of 1200 ppm. Was the program completely dumped? IS there a similar program to replace it?

Also, did the Soviets ever has similar high speed machinery? I have seen the standard ARL machinery they use.

I was under the impression that LC still uses the SCAMP machinery. I have an '08 dated 5.56 round with the SCAMP “dots” in the headstamp.

I read somewhere that the Soviet/Russian ammunition factory “Vympel” near Amursk used high speed rotary machinery, originally setup for dedicated 5.45x39mm production. Supposedly the newest and most modern of the factories they have.


Yes, LC does still use SCAMP, as does IMI AFAIK.

The Amursk plant is the newest of the Russian plants, built in the early 80’s in the middle of the remote Russian far East,

FYI: I discovered that the Russian system was/is known as “Module” and operates at 1000 ppm.