SCAMP Markings


I think the bunter that stamps the on this .223 Rem round had a bad day ;-)


No, those are marks left from the octal numbering system used by the SCAMP machinery at Lake City. The do seem a bit larger than normal though, but I have seen this on some newer production 5.56 lately. Maybe a modified or re-used bunter is responsible, or maybe they are just getting worn from running at full capacity for the war effort.




There was a thread that ID’d what those dots meant but it may have been on the old Forum.



Starting with the “dot” to the right of the NATO symbol and going clockwise, the dots are assigned a value of 4, 8, 16, 1 and 2. There are 32 possible combinations of these dots that add up to any number below 32. Only 24 stations are used on the SCAMP machines, so not every possible comination of dots is used. On the case in the picture, 4 and 8 are blank and the three remaining dots add up to 19. So, this case was made at station 19 on the loading machine.



Thanks, gents.