SCARAB Sub Sonic .30 Carbine by HI-VEL CORP

Here’s a 50-round partial box of SCARAB Sub Sonic .30 Carbine loaded by HI-VEL Corp. using fired .30 Carbine cases from military (L C 51) and commercial (W-W 30 CARBINE) cases and nickel primers. The listed velocity of 1,000 feet per second is less than the speed of sound at sea level (A.S.L.) of 1,125 feet per second. Interestingly, the bullets are cast alloy with obvious mold marks and a dab of green paint on the nose. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of a silenced .30 Carbine.


great box Mel

Bullet weight?

Can’t say what the bullet weight is; my scale quit working last night. The bullet is lead and is 0.3075"/7.8mm in diameter and 0.7245"/18.41mm long with a grease groove. Here’s a pic:

Carbine Bullet

I have 35 extra rounds. The box and a few mixed headstamps are going north to Wisconsin. I’ll bring the others to SLICS 2022 If you want one, free, drop me an email.

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Rock Island Arsenal Museum

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War Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine by Larry Ruth pages 268-275 shows 10 variations made during experiments. The Ordnance Small Arms Division worked on development at the request of the O.S.S. in 1943-1944. I took pics of these two from outside the display glass at Rock Island. Only info on ammo was Ordnance didn’t want to produce subsonic.

RIA 6061 was developed and tested at Enfield in Britain for the British S.O.E. RIA 6071 has no s/n. It’s shown on p 270 with no indication who made it. I suspect it was made by either Springfield or Rock Island. Tho the O.S.S. had High Standard work on them too.

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I finally got a new scale and can tell you that the lead bullet weighs 110 grains. There were 2.5 grains of propellant that was gray with small round flakes. The bullet was very tight in the case. It took several really hard hits with an inertia bullet puller to get it to budge.

Very nice addition of the silenced carbines pics. Thanks