Scheintod 13mm

Here are the Scheintod 12mm and 13mm.
I want to swap/sell a couple of the 13mm duplicates, but have no idea of their value!
Any suggestions?

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Very interesting - I have never seen a 13mm Scheintod cartridge or a corresponding gun.

I have a few Scheintod pistols of different types in my collection. Most of them have the usual caliber 12mm Scheintod.

Only one - a so-called Buco pistol - has a noticeably larger caliber. A 28 caliber shot cartridge fits right in.

Does anyone know of Scheintod or other gas cartridges in this caliber - pictures would of course be welcome.


…and I would be interested in buying a 13mm Scheintod cartridge :slightly_smiling_face:

can you may give us the dimension of the 13mm…(Rim/Base diameter, lenght of case)…
Has it the same headstamp as the 12mm one, with Scheintodpatrone written?

The 12mm one is just a .410 or 36 Gauge size…
As I have several (15 different) I am interested to learn more…
the 410/36Gauge/12mm ones have usual 11,5 to 11,95mm base diameter, and 13,40 to 13,55mm Rims…
So, I am happy to get your measurements from rim and just above rim, from your socalled 13mm…caselenght varies…


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Good evening!
I met another South African who also has a 13mm Scheintod cartridge, but not exactly the same as mine. Mine are red and his brown, measurements varies slightly. Both headstamps are SCHEINTOD-PATRONE D.R.P. while my 12mm Scheintod headstamp is SCHEINTOD-PATRONE D.R.Wz.
Measurements of my 12 and 13mm and his 13mm cartridges (rim dia, base dia, cartridge length)
My 12mm: 13.50 11.95 48.15
My 13mm: 14.60 12.95 50.50
His 13mm: 14.43 12.93 50.00

There is a socalled 12mm shotshell with your 13mm Scheintod dimensions in the Lorenz/DWM book. It is Numner 90 and Nr 90A in Lorenz 1 Katalog…
The difference in dims from the later 12mm is may due to the fact, that in that time where no specs settled for the different calibers…and the later real 12mm, was settled on the specs for 410, resp. 36 gauge.
So I have to measure my 12mm ones, if there are " bigger" ones between…and also have to check the old guns, if they are taking the bigger sized ones…
In the EXRA Data viewer it is nr 12 049 cbc 800, base 12,95 and 14,5 rim, and on the front of the case 11,95mm for bullet diameter, hence the 12mm name in the old Lorenz catalogue
Thats all i found…

Thanks a lot for all your effort and confirmation that the “13mm” or “larger 12mm” Scheintod actually exists!

What do the “D.R.P.” and “D.R.Wz.” on the Scheintod headstamps stand for?

D.R.P. = Deutsches Reichspatent (German patent)
D.R.Wz. = Deutsches Reichswarenzeichen (German trademark)

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Thank you Stucki!