Schermuly Rocket Pistol Apparatus Cartridges & Rockets

Looking for some of the cartridges used with the Schermuly Rocket Pistol Apparatus, and also the rockets. Live or inert/fired.

These were used for line throwing applications by both civilian and military users, and markings may vary greatly.
Known headstamps include the Schermuly name, the abbreviation “S.R.P.A.” and British military styles.

The launching cartridges expel the rocket from a long barrel on a flare gun type pistol, and ignite the rocket propellent which provides the thrust to reach a few hundred yards. Cartridges look like a stubby paper and brass shotshell, or may be solid drawn brass about 1 inch diameter and about 1 inch length.

Rockets are about 37mm (1.5") diameter about 6" long with a metal strap spaced out about 12mm or 1/2" from the sides of the motor body, and about 10-12 inches long with a wire bridle connecting the two straps.

Similar rockets or launching/ignition cartridges from any maker also wanted, or information on any of these.

Thanks! I am discovering that there are a bunch of line throwing devices and ammunition, but almost no reference material available. Any help will be greatly appreciated!