Schirnecker Squeezebore Info?

Can anyone provide pics and sources of info for these rounds?
Who made them? How many sizes and variations?

Jon are you looking for Schirnecker rounds or just his squeeze bore items???

I just got a set of fired and unfired squeezebore examples and I’m trying to see where they fit in the known spectrum. I found a set in an old Buttweiler auction, but they don’t match the ones I got. Do you have some info or a source?

I’m on the road. How about some photos???

I can’t do that at home. School starts again next week and I can con some students into helping me with all that hi-tech stuff. I’ll try to post some then.
In the meantime, any internet sources for Schirnecker info?

Hey, drive careful!

Hi Jon,

Here a picture of what I have. I haven’t the slightest idea how many more variations there are.

From left to right - the first 6 are fired examples. The next 4 are unfired. Here is a picture of the first 3 (the 4th is unloaded, but has a post for the primer to sit upon).

The first of the unfired round has a solid propellant. The second has a clear plastic disc to hold the loose propellant (but has no powder). The third has a similar clear plastic closure disc and loose propellant.

I have a patent document - all in French - but it does show a number of the projectile designs. It also illustrates a muzzle attachment to achieve the caliber reduction.

Great, Paul, thanks! That’s just what I was looking for. My “set” consists of #2 and #10 (the last). Do you think those are actual before/after of the same variation?

What kind of guns were these things fired in? Paul - any pictures of the wepons for them?

John Moss

Jon - no I don’t think that #2 and #10 and the before and after - the body grooves go the opposite way. #2 also has an aluminum cap.

Sorry, John. I don’t have a picture of the gun or test fixture.

I forgot to include this picture. There are some sectioned pieces from a draw set and a fired round that was not squeezed. Note the rupture.

Well, at least they show the before and after of the system.

First of all thank you Paul for excellent photos and for French patent!

Well, let me say what Schirnecker ammo is very interesting design but possibly it will be interesting to know about some other designs of such caseless ammo with

Is it just me or are the pictures refered to in Paul Smith’s first post missing. All I see is the patent drawings.

I still see them. Maybe Teak is angry with you?;)

Ah, YES, I see them now. Must be using a picture hosting site that limits the throughput per hour and I hit it at the wrong time.

I think that the Schirnecker Patents papers shown here are not French, but Belgian, as Herr Schirnecker was a German, but worked in Belgium, and most of these specimens come from Liege.


Patent is French FR2221991. I guess just one of many and possibly there are English and Germany version of this patent.
From patent it seems what Schirneker was German citizen not Belgian…
Here is quote from patent (sorry for wrong letters I do not have french keyboard):
“Deposant: SCHIRNEKER Hans-Ludwig, residant en Republique Federale d’Allemange”

A very interesting thread. Thanks for bringing up the subject.