Schirneker or Schirnecker?

Sitting here cataloging cartridges instead of having dinner with old friends in St. Louis….

I was looking at a 3.7 x55.9mm “Schirnecker” and then took a look at the relevant US Patent only to discover his name, at least on the patent, was spelled Schirneker and not Schirnecker. I checked a couple more of his US patents and they too had his name as Schirneker.

Most of the references I have seen spell his name Schirnecker and typos on US Patents are not unheard of. So, has anyone got any official German (or non-US) documents that show his name ??

…… and, NO, I don’t collect Schirneker rounds!!

I understand your scepticism, but Hans-Ludwig Schirneker is correct (also used in German patents).

As everyone who heard of the Dam Busters will know, its Möhnesee, not Mohnesee.

Edit: I looked at the map: Möhnesee-Völlinghausen and the street address was Engelslieth 10

Many thanks !!

Any chance that you could show part of a German patent with his name on it as so many references on both sides of “The Pond” have his name spelled incorrectly ?

Chris P.

I have a Belgian patent of his, and here it goes:

I think Max’s document solves it. If anybody insists, recommend him to google schirneker patent.

And the German patent, to be sure

Thanks Guys - I appreciate the patent images.

Chris P.