Schuss und Waffe, 1907 & 1908 PDF

Schuss und Waffe; illustrierte gemeinverständliche Zeitschrift für jagdliches, militärisches und sportliches Schiesswesen, Schiessplatz-Anlagen. Waffentechnik, Minen- und Torpedowesen, Waffengeschichte, etc

Google translation-

Shot and weapon; illustrated common journal for hunting, military and sporting shooting, shooting ranges. Weapons technology, mine and torpedo stories, weapons history, etc

Includes articles on cartridges, bullets, artillery projectiles advertising etc. and many illustrations.

For us non-multilinguals YES it is in German but still its worth taking a look and you cannot beat the price since it is FREE!!! So take a look and enjoy.



Opens right on the page for the post I made too for the Griffin Mark (as in trade mark), nice one thank you.


Edit, Some super adverts in there too.

Very interesting, thanks Brian

Very nice, thanks.

Thanks,and a big SALUTE to those who shares sucht old gems for free!!
Dont have no Greifs,but these two are a bit similar to the others in the add. I wouldnt have thought they were so old…


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Very nice! And a good reason to reactivate my old and somehow forgotten account the of Internet Archive.

We had two private institutions doing reserach in firearms and ammunition:
The publisher Julius Neumann, located at Neudamm (today Debno in Poland) decided to set up a research institution for firearms and ammunition south of the city of Neudamm near a small lake (which later played a role in vertical shooting experiments). It was founded in 1900 and managed by Albert Preuß, a well known shooter in the shotgun field and Olympic competitor. “Schuss und Waffe” was the periodical published by “Versuchstation Neumannswalde” from 1907 onwards.
The other private institution was founded by hunters (sportsmen in English) on the initiative of Ewald Thiel, a former military officer: Deutsche Versuchsanstalt, located at Halensee (today part of Berlin) near the western end of Kurfürstendamm. From 1928 onwards it was relocated to Wannsee, where the 1936 Olympic shooting events took place. From 1945 its range became Rose Range of the U.S. Berlin Brigade. Deutsche Versuchsanstalt (DVA) also published a periodical, titled “Kugel und Schrot”.
In stark contrast to current German gun journals, “Schuss und Waffe” as well as “Kugel und Schrot” were known for the professional qualitiy of its contents. They were on par with the “American Rifleman” as it was before about 1985.

P.S. I should add that both institutions more or less ceased to exist in 1934. Preuß died. DVA lost its independence due to Nazi hunting legislation. It became an organization subject to Hermann Göring in his function as Imperial Master Hunter (Reichsjägermeister).
DVA (today DEVA) was resurrected around 1970 and was given back the Wannsee shooting ranges after German re-unification.

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It is my understanding that there were at least 7 volumes of “Schuss und Waffe.” and they may have been produced until 1920.

Vol 1 = 1907
Vol 2 = 1908
Vol 3 = 1909
Vol 4 = 1910
Vol 5 = 1911
Vol 6 = 1912
Vol 7 = 1913

The first two are in that document which has been on the internet for a few years now. The others, while being listed in Google books, I have not been able to locate them in electronic form.

Schuss und Waffe was terminated in the economical turmoil following WW1, the last volume being no. 13 of 1919/1920.
Kugel und Schrot was terminated in 1934, when the Nazis decided its role would be taken over by hunting journals.

Thanks for that info Jochem - so that means that the Chicago Library at the following link only has the first 7 volumes