Schwarzkopf 12ga cartridge made by Winchester

Hello. A friend of mine likes to collect shotgun shells because he is a competitive shotgun shooter, he was given this 12ga cartridge and he doesnt know exactly what it is. He was told that it was a lot made by winchester in honor to a US General named Schwarzkopf. For what i read he was comander in chief of the coalition force in the gulf war.
Is the winchester story true? Anyone know an estimate production date and how much they were made? or if they were used in some kind of competition or they were sold comercialy?
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Howdy Sergio
The same as your friends, but with more case print.
Yes made by Winchester but no idea how many. I don’t think they were some commercially, but could be wrong.
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Thanks Pete!
That one is a little bit different. It says CUP 1991 so maybe for some tournment? Neat one!
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Tournament in 1991? Held in Southern Iraq? :)


Alex not sure where the tournament was held but according to Google the Gulf War ended 28 Feb. 1991, so I’d think much later in the year.

Yes a tournament, Sergio

In the link above this shell is mentioned under the Guns section

Free Online Library: Schwarzkopf Cup 1991 . (sporting clay tournament named after General H. Norman Schwarzkopf to raise funds for the US Shooting Team) …

The shoot was held in Florida, October 1991. (Not Iraq:)


Thanks for the information!

I like to have one !
Are these at SLICS to find ?

Only one I have Harry, & sorry not sure where it came from.

Great Pete…