SCI Commemorative Cartridges

Cannot remember if it has been discussed on the forum before, but has anyone got a list of the SCI commemorative cartridges. I am looking for some of these, especially

SCI 93 TIGER .404

do they still do this or not?
Cannot wait for SLICS (my first)!!

I think I am about to finally reveal my almost total ignorance, if most of the Forum hasn’t already reached that conclusion - who or what is “SCI.” I have a little secondary collection of Commemorative and Special headstamps (Police, individuals, organizations other than ammo companies, etc.) and I have never heard of any of the four headstamps listed. Can someone show them on the Forum here?

During the 90’s these were brought out by Safari Club International - I assume at their annual convention. I read about these, but I haven’t actually seen any pictures of this before. On their website, it seems that they have rifles made/donated? That they then auction off. Some pretty impressive stuff. I think this year there is a 7mm LRM (Long Range Magnum). Again not sure if there are cartridges also every year or if it was only way back when.

Daan - thank you How dumb of me. After 36 years working in a good gun shop, where we had at least several SCI members, you would think I could have figured that out. Ahhhh, senility - I DO love it so!

My sole defense is despite being a shooter since ten years old, and a cartridge and gun collector since age 22, I have never been a hunter. Nothing at all against it, just not my cup of tea. I got away from gun collecting in the 1990s, pretty much, but never gave up cartridge collecting, although I have, from time to time, pared down my collection.

I suspect that many collectors don’t know about the SCI cartridges, as I think the rounds made went with the rifles for them. They might have been hard to get if you didn’t happen to know the fellow who ended up with the rifle. I could be wrong about that, but I have never seen any of them, to my knowledge, and I have looked at a lot of cartridges in my life.

Howdy Daan
Sorry no extras, but I do have these two case types.
Note the top 416 was autographed by Jim Bell. The other .416 is headstamped the same & both have empty primer pockets.
So with your list I now have more to look for! THANKS buddy! No idea if this was continued or not, I’ll ask Danny P. as he likely made the barrels.
See you at SLICS & shall bring your items.

Any idea about the brass maker?

The “simba 416” looks like of Bertram manufacture to me

The autograph on one of the 416’s tells you who made both of them. Jim Bell, of B.E.L.L. Brass
The 458, I don’t know who made it.

If you look at the font of the letters on the .458 cartridge, it appears identical to the same letters found here and there on the other cartridges. I would think Jim Bell made it too. No documentation for that opinion - only the shape of the letters and numbers.

Through the courtesy of John Witt (Otto’s son) here is more about SCI cartridges & the makers.

So apparently there was a 1992 .375 H&H Grizzly & an unknown .505 Gibbs. Then we jump to the 338 Federal in 2006. One would think this gap should be filled.
Missed Danny today will get back on this when I know more