Scmitr shotshell

Visit today a collector he showed me a shotshell with some kind of razorblades inside.
At home I searched on the internet and found a picture of a shotshell that looks almost the same.
The shotshell I saw was a yellow plastic one with no printing on the shell its self. The headstamp was I think REMINGTON 20 PETERS The man told me it was a very rare cartridge today but he didnt exactly know what it was.
Could it be the one shown in the picture.


Very nice, here is more info

This is some info I have on the Beehive round, slightly different from the SCMITR round. May be of interest to you.

I have some early Remington plastic shells with similar headstamp (REMINGTON 20 PETERS) and copper heads. The ink used on the hull markings rubs off easily and most I have come across are bare. Yellow would correspond with 20 gauge hulls in the plastic era. I would think a 20 gauge flechette type round would be rather rare.


Is it just me, or are shotshells starting to get some respect around here?


A little bit perhaps. There are some closet shotshellers around here cause I’ve gotten some nice stuff from them. Wish some of those real pros from the show would buy a computer! There was so much knowledge of shotshells in that room its ridiculous!

Does anyone have a box label image for the .45acp SCMITR?

There are 2 ‘common’ 20 ga rounds. The round below has the red plastic hull and high brass cup. The other round has a yellow plastic hull and low brass cup and is headstamped REMINGTON PETERS 20 GA. I’ve not sectioned a yellow hulled round, so can not comment on the scimitars, support or base wad. However the sabot on the yellow hulled round is open at the top so that the tips of the scimitars are visible (as shown in the initial B&W image). These sabot petals are also shorter than the ones used in the red hulled rounds. An interesting feature of the sectioned round is the presence of a flash hole is the white plastic cup and the use of 2 different types of propellant above and below it. As DK has mentioned there is also a .45 ACP load (with single projectile), 12 ga, 18.5mm PDW and 40mm grenade scimitar loads. All very exciting!



Is it just me, or are shotshells starting to get some respect around here?


Shotshells are the future.
Because when all the guns and ctges will be fordiden , or of very restrictive use because of laws, people will be able to collect only shotshells and very old ctges (RF for example).
All the modern junk staff will have no market because too much complicated and risked to trade or buy.


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The round I saw is exactly the one you descripted.
Thanks all for the info.



Shotshells are the future.

All the modern junk …


I’d rather collect nothing then…

Shotmeister & DaveE, I agree. There are some top notch Shot Shell folks out there that I would really like to hear from. We need more shot shell input in the forum.

I came across an image of a sectioned 20ga SCMITR with yellow hull today. I can’t quite tell for certain, but there appears to be 3 darts nested together in this one.



Too true, collecting metalic cartridges or shells is already restricted here in the UK, one needs a firearms licence to buy or posses even a single round.
The UKCC (United Kingdom Cartridge Club) in fact collects ONLY shotshells.


The Simitar was by AAI and had three flat, somewhat broad head arrowhead shaped projectiles, which had folds at the “wing tips” and were nested together as Matt notes. This same projectile shape was in the .45 M-1911 Simitar & I think there are older forum posts which show it.