Score at the MV show today!

I finally found a couple XM193 WECOM dummies (30x100B). Oddly enough, the dummies have different styles of crimping on the projo, and one is headstamped while the other isn’t. Also picked up some .50 BMG that I didn’t have yet: M8 API and M20 API-T (for really cheap; I may go back and buy the rest).


This one, with the lighter-colored brass, didn’t have a headstamp, but the projo was marked “30MM CTG DUMMY”:

This one, with the darker brass, has a headstamp that read as follows, “30MM XM193 FAE 418 1968”. It also has a red sticker near the rim that says, “EOD INERT” and a red do-it-yourself type label on the projo that says, “MI-13.” I thought about peeling both of those off, but thought I’d double-check to see if they’re significant for some reason before I did that. Both stickers look like they’ve been on there a good while…

And here’s the .50 BMG’s:


Congrats on new acquisitions. What is MV show?

Vlad, most likely military vehicle show. M. Rea

Yes, sorry, military vehicle show. At the shows, they usually have a fairly large swap meet too. Besides these gems I brought home, there were many other good deals and some not-so-good deals. For example, there was a 120mm illumination mortar for $120 (which I though was a decent price, but not my interest) and he was also trying to sell 20mm M51 series dummies for $10 each (when I can get them online for $5).

Good show though!