Scored HWS Vol2 from half priced books

Thanks Mel for vol 1&3

There will be a test at SLICS 19. Study hard 😉

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Uhhh oh

Do I always get to pick the caliber?

Just concentrate on experimental short run; only known examples in Woodin lab. That will tune your focus

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So only 100k cartridges to study?

Vol 1, in the first 15 pages, gave me the correct classification for two different 45 revolver blanks I found in the Engle bins.

Great books! Not a lot in them for a 9x19mm collector except in Vol 3, but I still enjoy just opening the others to a random page and reading! Great works. They provide an excellent insight into the entire military cartridge process that I have found relevant well outside the US cartridges discussed.


Does anybody happen to know if there is maybe a digital version of the vol.1 addendum? (it was once mentioned that this would be considered)
Had difficultiues in finding the hardcopy.

Volume I has been revised so that is the addendum you should be looking for, assuming you have the revised Volume I. As there was also a (ca. 1970) addendum for the original Volume I

Volume II also has an addendum, both of which were published by Thomas Publications in Gettysburg PA, if that’s any help.

I could use the vol2 addendum as well.

My revised vol1 came with an addendum.

Pete, I better shall look up all my editions and check what I really need as I was not aware of prior addendums etc.

I assume from the Half-Price Books chain. I have found some very good deals there on guns and ammunition books, especially so when they have their periodic half of half-price sales (i.e. 50% off their regular prices). I recently bought the first three volumes of Hoyem for about $40 total. The 4th volume was not there. also often has very good prices on similar books.

ABEbooks wanted 2x for HWSv2 for what I found it on I did have to dig into the HPB site to find cheaper options.