Scorpion 9mm LUGER headstamp

Here is a picture of the box of the cartridges headstamped Scorpion 9mm LUGER discussed in this thread: 9mmP & a few 9mmM headstamps from ECRA

It made made by ZVS of Slovakia exclusively for Česká zbrojovka a.s., Uherský Brod, Czech Republic, and, reportedly, was sold only with the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 carbine.

I don’t have any more details at the moment.




thats funny, as I got just now in Slovakia the remains of the PS-factory, which made the ZVS, Scorpion and other headstamped 9Luger ammo.
From this cleanout remains, they loaded some stuff up and sold it in plastic bags on the last czech Show in Oktobre…
I got he followings here:
ZVS Proof rounds with knurled rims
PS-headstamped ones and
Scorpion marked ones.
About the Scorpion I was told there, that they delivered all ammo and /or components of the Scorpion stampoed ones to Makedonia, where it was packed/or loaded…

CZ declined on the last answer, they had ever sold this ammo…
So, still a mistery…
Here the pics from the cleanout loads: They had various fmj bullets (brass colored or copper colored) bullets in it.



PS: Is there any sign on the box, who actually loaded the ammo??? a Proofmark or something else??
Most of the Makedonian and Pobjeda stuff gets proofmarked in Hungary…

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Peter, the ZVS and Scorpion headstamps were made by ZVS long after PS closed. It seems that you got a mix of items from both companies. In any case, those proof cartridges are a great find.

I’m trying to get more information about the Scorpion box, but no answers or additional pictures so far.



I didn’t receive any new information, but found the source of the edited image posted above (found in a shooting forum). This ammunition is offered for sale here: