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I have noticed that when I am searching through archived topics some posts fail to display completely and you can only read a line or two of the information which I assume to be still available.
A typical example is this thread about German grenade cartridges. I am particularly interested in the photograph which shows a nice line-up of grenade cartridges and beneath this photo should be a list naming each cartridge. However, only the first cartridge is named - and I think that is only a partial name - and none of the other names display at all. Is this missing information recoverable?


I did not save that particular picture, but i have a similar compilation picture of German WW2 Treibpatronen
Can’t remeber the exact source, but i guess it was either the IAA or BOCN website

Thank you for posting that excellent line-up Orpheus. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite resolve my problem as the actual cartridges from the original post that I am particularly interested in are the first three WW1 cartridges shown on the left. Sadly these are missing from your picture. The main issue though is why does it seem that only some of the information is displayed? Are the missing bits lost?

The picture i posted was indeed WWII related.
I found out it was placed by Dutch: 7.92x57 German WWII grenade cartridge "eej St+ 3 43 "

For the missing text in the thread you mention, i can only assume that it went missing when the site was renewed or when the thread was archived.


I also made this Picture from 1908.

If you wish I could make you a new one from WW1 7.9 Treibpatronen and Treibkartuschen.


Jim the reason why this particular thread is incomplete is that the Forum had a failure ( hacked, software failure or something along those lines) in 2009 (?) and only parts of threads were recoverable. So most threads from that time and before are in bits and pieces, also note the individual posters are no longer listed instead each post is " H historian ".


Gents, thank you all for your help and interest. Dutch, I would be grateful if you could post the designations of the first three cartridges you pictured on the left. The cartridge with the red lacquered head and neck I know about but I am particularly interested in the first two.

You must make a difference between Treibkartusche and Treibpatrone.

A Treibkartusche is a cartridge build in a grenade.
A Treibpatrone is for use in a rifle for firing a rifle grenade.

You already wrote you know what the cartridge with the red markings.
For the readers who are not so familiar with this cartridge, it is a practice round.
The cartridge was put in a grenade and after using this practice grenade, changed by a new one. #2 is the same round but with a cws case, without red markings.

Because the noise the flying grenade made it was called Taube. (Pigeon)
The M15 was introduced in 1915 replaced by the M16.
The drawing is the life grenade on the right the red painted practice (Üb)

The Treibkartusche for the life grenade was pressed in the grenade in the manufacturing plant.
3 and 4 are removed from a grenade. You can see this pressing is making marks on the case.

5 is a Treibpatrone for using with a rifle grenade.
There was a rod on the grenade and put in the rifle barrel.
On the bottom side from the rod there was a brass bushing on the rod to take care no gasses could come between the rod and barrel.

6 Painted in green is unknown to me. Perhaps somebody in the forum have some information. The form of the case mouth is different.


Thank you Dutch!