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Hello All,
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I am currently seeking to find information on how to get an evaluation of my deceased father’s collection. There is a lot of WW1 and WW2 foreign ammunition in original packaging and I don’t know where to start.
Any suggestions?

-You can post pics and info here.
-You can meet or talk with a collector(s) in your area. I’m sure there is an IAA member relatively close.
-You can visit a collector show. There are 2 in PA, 2 in Ohio, one in St. Louis, one in AZ, and a couple more in the west, just not sure where off-hand.

I found the show coming up in a few weeks out in Reinshold, but that’s too far for me. The show in Canton would have worked, but that was in March. Any chance you know the future date of the Canton show? Also, if I post pictures of stuff here, are people able to tell me how much it’s worth. I’m trying to also get an idea of value for my mother. Thank you for taking your time to help me.

If you take the time to search individual boxes or ammo types on, then you might find comparables and you can find prices on completed listings, or see what people are asking. Completed listings are better since those are actual sales whereas some people list things with unrealistically high starting prices on some things. If the ammo is typical full metal jacket 30-06, .30 Carbine, or .45acp, then those are the most common types found and they aren’t worth too much more than modern ammo usually. Sometimes if a box is in excellent condition it will have value, or if the cartridges have a color tip such as red, orange, blue, black, silver, etc. then they are special purpose and are worth more.

Thank you so much. I’ve tried to search for some of the boxed and marked Nazi ammo, but I haven’t been able to find anything on Gunbroker that is similar. I also have Japanese and Arabic marked packages that have been very hard to identify, that’s why I was trying to find an actual appraiser. I guess what I’ll do to start is take some pictures of the interesting pieces and post them here and see what people can make of it. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to reach out. Thank you.

I believe if there is a Waffenamt headstamp, it is not necessarily a Nazi cartridge… I could be wrong tho…

RimPin, you are right. Some customers of German arms wanted the same acceptance procedure for the items they had ordered as it was for the Wehrmacht. Items were then inspected by the respective inspector and the well known WaA acceptance stamp was applied to these items.

I think the next Ohio show is in October.

If the packets are sealed, DON’T open them. Original, unopened packets are worth more. Post some pictures of what you have.

Images would solve it all.

Yes I agree. I do not live where the ammunition is, but I go there often so I’ll get some pictures in the near future and post them. Thank you!

You mentioned there is a cartridge show in Arizona? Do you have the info for this show? I’d love to go to one if it is close by but haven’t found one yet.

Hi Joel
The show is usually late Feb. early March in Prescott. At the downtown Rodeo grounds. We set the date in the nextmonth or so as usually they are busy with Rodeo stuff in the fall & tats ends usually in Sept. Then we can set a date.

If you want directions or other information I’m in Prescott & the show chairman for the Western States Cartridge Collectors Assoc.

There is an events feature on this forum at the very top of each page. It’s a good plave to check.

e-mail is:

Where are you?

Bummer, I missed it this year then. I am in Chandler (Phoenix area). I would definitely come up to Prescott for the show. I’ll keep an eye out for the dates now that I know where to look.

If you care to share your e-mail with me I coiuld also put you on my show mailing list.

PLEASE reply to the address if you wish that. i can also give you names of some of the other collectors in Phoenix & Prescott & Tuscon.