Search mode question

When a search is conducted, by me or someone else, my computer shows all of the words in the document that I used in the search highlighted in a black box, making it impossible to read. Is there something I need to do in my machine to change the tone of this color or is this something we have to live with? It sure makes reading search results a PAIN.

I don’t see an easy way to disable the highlighting in the search results, but you can get rid of it once you click on a thread.

Once you’ve clicked on a thread from your search, look in your web browser’s address bar. At the end of the address you should see “&hilit” followed by your search term and some other stuff. For example, I searched on “35mm” and clicked on the first thread. This is what was in my address bar:

Select everything from “&hilit” on to the end of the address (the bold section in my example above) and delete it, then hit enter to reload the page. The thread should no longer have your search term highlighted.