Searching for a label…

Hi Jack!

You want to mean this one?


Yes, that’s the one I had in mind. Jack

Here’s a box that is considered to be the first UMC box of .45 Colt cartridges. While very similar to your 1884 box up above, this box was probably made in 1874 when the first civilian Colt SAA revolvers were produced. This box is on the cover of the December 1992 issue of The Gun Report magazine and is discussed in an article on pages 34 and 35. The label has the Orcutt & Hobbs October 24th 1871 primer patent but lacks the 1874 patent date. The latest patent date on this box is Wood’s patent of April 2nd 1872.

Thanks for this very interesting information. Unfortunately, I shall not be able to make a replica of this box as the patents line illegible.

I sent you the cover photo and the 2 page article from the magazine by private message. The patent lines are discussed, and can be determined from other boxes from the same period.

The two Woods patents are shown on this 1873 box of 50-70.

Thanks for this information. I think that I am going to make a replica of this very interesting early box.

I’ll see if I can get a better photo of the box on the magazine cover. You may not be able to tell from the photo I provided but the Woods patent line on the .45 Colt box has the month abbreviated as ‘Apr’ rather than spelling it out; I assume this is to be able to fit all the patent information on the label.
I wonder if someone in the IAA owns the box, or knows who does. It would be fortunate to be able to get good photos of the actual box.

Splendid ! I assume that, with your precious help, I could be able to make a vey accurate replica of this legendary box. Good photos of the patent line and of each inscription of the side label would be great…
If I can succeed, thanks to you, you will receive the first replica of this box.