Searching informations about signal cartridges

Hello Community

At them moment im workin on a book about signal cartridges of all european countries
My book about german signal cartridges are envisaged in board for some time past.
Im searching for Informations about cartridges in caliber between 24- and 28mm inclusive tear gas, impulse cartridges and simulation cartridges for practice bombs.
If you have some Information about this, please send me an email or post in board.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

I can’t help you but I’d like to know what “impulse cartridge” is.

They would be tool blanks, and other blanks or cartridges that push or propel something. Blanks for cable cutters, bomb releases, aircraft cannon charging, and plane canopies would be good examples.

Welcome Horst, good to see you have decided to join us!