Sears 30-06 manufacture?

We all know that Sears doesn’t manufacture anything so…
does anyone have an idea who manufactures this cartridge? Possible date range?


BTW, does Sears still sell ammo?

I recall purchasing a Winchester Model 94 when they were selling out their guns and such. Woulda been early to mid-'80s. For a cutoff date. No clue about the rest.

Not sure about the 30-06 but 1979 was the last year that they sold .22s. They were made by Winchester-Western of Olin. Earlier years were made by Federal. Don’t know how much help this is but it looks like a Federal to me.

Hi Pard - Here is some information from Chris Punnett’s great book on .30-06, pages 305-306:

It is quoted in part:

 "Sears, Roebuck and Company was formed in 1893 and a year later was also selling ammunition.

They continued to market ammunition made for them by a variety of manufacturers until about 1982."

Back to me, I can tell you that none of the Sears stores that were in our area sold any guns or ammunition after about that time; not under their name or any other name. I can’t speak for stores in
rural areas.

Punnett again:

 " .30-06 was first advertised by the company in their 1929 catalog under the Pro-Tex-Bor brand name.

These were made for Sears by the Western Cartridge Company and loaded with nickel primers. Only a 180-grain hollow point with a boat-tail bullet was listed. The headstamp on these Pro-Tex-Bor cartridges was simply the caliber in the form 30-G-1906.

 "In about 1935, Sears introduced the Sportload Sta-Klean Brand.  There were also made for Sears by the Western Cartridge Company and used a tinned primer and the typical Wester generic headstamp (mentioned above).  So far only the 180-grain hollow point has been seen.

 "Ammunition was not available from the company through the Second World War years, but reappears in the 1948 catalog.

 "In 1963, the company introduced the "Ted Williams" brand namea in 150- and 180-grain soft-point loads.  ..... Those rounds were headstamped SEARS 30-06 SPRG with nickel primers and are believed to have been made for Sears by the Federal Cartridge Company.

 "In about 1968, the Xtra-Range loads in .30-06 were introduced in both 150- and 180-grain soft points.  These are headstamped SEARS 30-06 SPRG with nickel primers and are also believed to be a product of the Federal Cartridge Company.

 "For a short period Sears sold rounds with the usual 150- and 180-grain soft points loaded on Federal cases headstamped FC 30-06 SPRG.  However, the used a round brass primer while regular Federal production used flat primers.  Whether these preceded the rounds with their own headstamp is not known.

 "Sears 1969 and 1970 catalogs list loads that are "remanufactured", though why they chose to do this for this short period is not known."

Hope this is of some help, Joe.

John Moss

Thanks All,

And as usual John, your explanations are insightful and scholarly. I appreciate the time spent for the research.