Seasoning Loaded Shotshells, Multitasking

I remember seeing this site in 2006 which is listed as the copyright date at the bottom. Back then it said that the product was under development with no release date. It still says this 6 years later in 2012. I wonder if this is someone’s business idea that never took off, or the site was set up purely as a joke.

I just sent them an email to inquire if they are producing these rounds. I will keep ya posted on that.


A typical bird hit by shotgun pellets receives around four strikes if you are lucky. the chances are these will be in non edible parts. Head neck gut etc. How much flavouring is that going to introduce to the edible parts?. A miniscule coating on a shot pellet is not going to make any noticable difference to the flavour even if it is peppered (no pun intended) in which case it will make poor eating from that point of view alone.

I believe the consensus on this website shortly after they first came out was that despite having a few seemingly legitimate media mentions, the whole thing was a social experiment using the internet to pull off a hoax. That, or else a bizarre waste of time & money to continue having the website up for no reason as they’ve had no products in 6 years, or ever. Strange that they never even had a booth anywhere at a show where surely some spectators would have taken many photos of the odd product and posted it online.

I remember trying to contact them a few years ago using listed phone numbers, fax, email, contact information through Whois, and doing reverse lookups on their address. Never any answer or reply. I see now that their listed address is occupied by a company called Geritom Medical Inc.

I remember seeing information about seasoning shot. It had to be a joke or a hoax, as the density of spices would be far less than lead, and the ballistic coefficient of “seasoning shot” would be essentially zero and therefore ineffective in penetrating anything beyond a few feet.

Looks like this has finally happened - for real. On Multiple Impact Ammo’s website of all places, as they have created this load under the name “PreSeasoned Duckshot”. It’s not exactly in the spirit of the original “seasonshot” concept which was to have dissolving pellets cause the death of the bird, as well as season it (that was all fake anyway), but this is the first time I have seen seasoning in a real shotshell. I would hope the shot is steel so as to aid in magnetic shot removal. My guess is that they are doing this as a stop-gap fund raising / marketing venture as they work towards finally releasing the 9mm version of their multi-impact ammo, which is a bit overdue at this point:

That should be the personal hunting ammo of Paul Bocuse then, no?

I find it hard to believe that the powdered spices would actually reach the target, being much lighter than the actual shot.

Falcon, this is a fun thing, probably marketed on 1st of April. I would really wonder if these were ever sold.

The one I show is apparently real. You can add it to your cart and purchase it from Multi-Impact bullet. It’s not the same thing as “season shot” exactly, but similar idea. I would guess that if fired, all of the spices would blow in the wind or vaporize before reaching the target, and only the shot pellets of what is likely questionable accuracy will reach the target.

Free advise: do not shoot against the wind!

So. Can these really be ordered and will be delivered? I need at least one for the special purpose drawer

They are real. Advanced Ballistics Concepts (The company that owns multi impact bullet), has it trademarked and they were showing it at SHOT show. I haven’t ordered any, but it’s real.

I also wouldn’t mind adding one of these to my collection. It would be nice if the duck was a part of the headstamp. Does anyone know what the h/s might be, other than the gauge?