Seattle area collectors - Anyone out there?


I am looking to hook up with other Seattle or Western Wa area collectors.
Possibly to do trades, research, etc.


The IAA directory lists 34 Washington based collectors (could be more who chose not to be published). Several list “Seattle” and of course others in close proximity. It is one of the golden benefits of IAA membership and when I travel, I like to call upon collectors with listed similar interests. Now with many listed e-mails…the possibilities are “endless” (or at least potentially fruitful)

Enjoy the hunt…likely more fun than the find



Thank you,
I have not yet decided what my collection will be focused on…at this point I have 12+ cigar boxes full of catridges ranging from 54 Burnside to current production.
I have not yet begun to go through and catalog them.
I also have a fair amount of full, partial and empty boxes of hangun, rifle and shotgun.
My goal would be to connect with locals to do some trading AND to get some guidance on where I should be heading!
I know…very unorgainzed…but FUN!


and that could well be the jewell of the hobby…fellowship over a common interest (at least spoken by an “old guy” like me)

be well


PS…we’ve all been down “cigar box road”


Figure out what makes it “fun” and pursue that. Collect what you want and like, and there is no right or wrong answer. It is fine if others find joy in collecting pinfires, .22 boxes, shotshells, wildcats, .30-06 or 9mm or by maker, caliber or age, but if they don’t turn you on, feel free to collect what you like instead.