Second one for Tonight

This is very heavy with out a projectile, empty case it weights 32 g. , total length = 2.02" yet measuring internally it is only 1.12" to the primer cup base, now that is one very thick head (0.90").

So what was it for, help.


Second question, Does anybody have a colour chart for the meaning of bullet colourings.


This is a propellant igniter for artillery bag charges as used with 155mm, 175mm and 203mm.

This one here is German and made by Dynamit Nobel AG (now part of Swiss RUAG).

No color codes there.

Thanks @EOD .

As for the colour codes, I am just looking at generic colours for different projectiles, I’ll have a look on the net.

Eightbore, there is way too many color codes in this world to list them all.
Means you would need to ask more specific and always with regard to caliber and headstamp.
And perferably in a separate thread as treating way different subjects in on thread will just confuse people and make it impossible to follow the subject or look it up later in the search.

Mike as Alex said color code are very complicated.

Even something common and simple like black can mean one thing in one country and something completely different in another.

@PetedeCoux @EOD


I had a sneaky feeling that would be the sort of answer “but” I had to ask in case there was a generic chart.

Thank you for the answers.


A chart, yes.
But you will need to have one for every military in this world, one for all civilian entities in every country using ammunition and one for every manufacturer in this world.
So having a huge amount of reference documents and images is inavoidable.
But this is also why this forum exists. One can always ask and likely will get a propper answer.


What are the “teeth” for on the case mouth please?


Mike, these are the “fold out” segments of the closure dic which is prefragmented like a cake (star shape).
And when fired it is being blown out like that.
There are minor differences from country to country.
Something along this design - from the web: