Second Sino-Japanese War Japanese Trench Art "German 2cm Flak 30" Cartridge Case With BPD 33 Headstamp

The following was recently posted on Twitter by Corporal Sakamoto, サカモト伍長 @Sgt_sakamoto

Google Translator translation of Japanese text to English:

Quote- “German 2cm Flak 30 (?) Machine shell cartridge case used in the Republic of China. “China Incident Memorial / Yanagi / August 13, 1945 Shanghai area warfare Ni China side use nomono Nari” At the time of the Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese side still had plenty of time to take out souvenirs Impression to be. However, the German-style equipment of the National Revolutionary Army is quite substantial.”
Origional text: 中華民国使用の独2cm Flak 30(?)機関砲弾薬莢。
「支那事変記念/やなぎ/昭和一二年八月一三日 上海方面戦々ニ支那側使用ノ物ナリ」


Photos by Corporal Sakamoto-

Trench art case, on the left next to a 20x102mm on the right.

Headstamp on the trench art case BPD 33, Bombrini Parodi Delfino, Rome, Italy; 1933.

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the 20mm Italian case has a fabulous patina! :heart_eyes:

A truly interesting case! Too bad it is not of Chinese manufacture, that would be a sensation.

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In the early 30s, both Germany and Italy supported the KMT in China.
Only in 1937, did Germany and Italy stop military aid and technical support to the Chinese in their war with Japan.
Doc AV

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