Secret bunker in France

every collectors dream. I wonder if they found any ammo in there.

Obviously a fair number of people know it’s there so I’m sure any munitions were long ago grabbed up. Now that this out on facebook and probably everywhere else, the the anonimity will vanish. Lots of grafitti on the walls.

My Canadian friend keeps on promising to bring me to an abandoned Canadian military helicopter with a lot of ammo tossed around, they use large artillery shells as hockey goals during winter. I still did not see the site. I work in Rockland County in N.Y., locals tell me stories of going to large abandoned bunkers near Hudson River and just taking M1 Garands from there, that was in 50’s. Rockland County had (still has the museum) Camp Shanks , a huge US Army training ground for troops destined for European war theatre during WWII.