Secretaria Aeronautica shotshell

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I have this unit for some time classified as Military (aeronautic) from Argentina. It looks like inside it is loaded with #7 birdshot. Just wandering to know the propose of this shotshell. Maybe used to scare birds?

Any information will be appreciated

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TWO possibilities( actually three).

  1. Bird cull cartidge for airfields.
  2. Survival cartridge for aircrew…esp. in Andes and lower Patagonia.
  3. Training cartridge for air gunners.

Fede, any advance on my ideas?

Doc AV

Hi Daniel, this Argentine shotshell was made by Spreafico for the Dirección General de Material Aeronáutico of the Secretaría de Aeronáutica and was used for skeet shooting with double shotguns. The purpose of this practice was to get used to fire at high speed targets, and was complementary to air gunnery training.



Really thank you Fede!

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