Sectioned 105MM TPDS M737 Projectile


I just sectioned a M737 105MM TPDS tank projectile and figured I would post a few pics of it. I messed up and removed the wrong piece with the stenciling :-(. I cut the 2 nylon driving bands slightly short to show the knurling and some additional internals. Below the top smaller driving band is a flimsy gasket type ring. I left that intact for now, but I have no clue what its function is.


If anyone knows what that gasket looking thing is please let me know, thanks!


105mm Dutch Leopard 1


Thanks so much Rick. Thanks for the great picture Gyro. I found it amazing how light the sabot material is. I do not think it is aluminum as it is SO LIGHT and easy to cut. I am pretty sure the bottom portion of the sabot stays intact, almost like a pot that cradles the sub-projectile. On the top portion is pre-fragmented into 3 120 degree petals. I have a great pic I will try to hunt down that shows what I am talking about :-)



Here are a few pics of very similar designed projectiles.

This is the exact same round I posted above, the US M737 TPDS. The photo shows all major components from recovered parts. Pretty cool!


I’ll take two. I love this stuff.


This big bore stuff is my fav too, especially tank related items.


I remember finding tons of these practice APDS pieces all over the ranges at 29 Palms in California. Never was able to assemble a whole round, nor keep the pieces, not that I didn’t try… According to USMC history, when the invasion of Grenada happened, it was put together so quickly that the Marine tanks aboard the ships did not have “war shots”, only practice HEAT and APDS since they were only afloat for training exercises. The M-60-A1s went ashore loaded with practice APDS rounds and effectively engaged and destroyed several armored vehicles such as BMP and BRDMs.



That is awesome history and insight! Thanks so much. Too bad you were not allowed to keep any of the shot parts. I’d love to shoot a tank!


[quote=“gyrojet”]105mm Dutch Leopard 1


GYROJET, in case you didn’t see the copyright info on the website you took that photo from, I’ll repeat it here:

“All images on this site are copyrighted, duplication without permission is prohibited”


I am sorry about that,I have this pict from a friend and he makes also that cuts of the 105mm,so I thought it was his pict.
I even don’t know this web-site.
So I am sorry!!


I like that sectioning job cutting the projectile in half like that so you can see inside of the penetrator. I thought I recognized that picture as being from your sight Armament because of the 3 “SSS” in the picture. I am sure that picture has been sent around the world a few times and Gyro meant no harm as he did not know its origin was from your web site and that it was copywrited. Anyhow, it is great seeing you here.

On a separate note: I found out that the SABOT for the M737 is made from Magnesium and not aluminum. I was amazed how light the piece I had cut away was. It felt feather light almost and cut like butter :-)



I don’t know large shells and penetrators, but please take care in sectioning materials you haven’t 100% identified. You don’t want to start cutting DU or other reactive materials! I’m sure you already know this, but it can’t hurt to mention it again.


Thanks for the great piece of advice, Jon. I personally am very careful not to cut any DU items as that could really be dangerous. I also mentioned that to the owner of the local Machine Shop I go to, just incase any other nut jobs like me bring him inert artifacts to cut with his tools. He said I was the only one :-) I knew the sabot would not have any DU as they purposly design them to add the least amount of parasitic weight to the projectile as possible and DU is extreamly heavy and dense. I guess magnesium is lighter then alluminium? GREAT CAUTIONARY WARNING JON. I should have mentioned that.


DU is pyrophoric, meaning that when it is in fine dust (eg. after sawing through it) it will ignite. This adds lethality to DU penetrators that hit vehicles. It is also highly chemically toxic as well as sometimes radioactive. As far as I know posession of any DU ammunition or components containing DU is banned in the UK. However, when encased in a projectile and undisturbed, I am told DU should be safe. Most commercial airliners apparently contain large blocks of DU in the rear of the fuselage as counterweights against the heavier forward fuselage.


I have heard that also about DU being used as counterweights in airlines. I know a major issue with it is when it becomes vaporized after impact and gets breathed into the lungs. It is pretty safe when it is intact and encased. But like Jon said, you definitely do not want to cut into it. In this case, I knew that neither the sub-projectile or its sabot contained any DU so I know it was safe to cut with the exceptions of any danger normally associated with machine shop tools cutting into non-hazardous metals.

PS: I also read recently that when DU 1st came out is was being considered as an ideal, safe, material for dental fillings? I think I would personally pass on that!


Speaking of the M737 TPDS, does any one have a way of finding out what the correct primer is for this. I know the projectile is crimped to a steal M115B1 case, but can not find the correct primer associated. If possible, I would like to find (I may already have) the correct case with fired primer to match up with this projectile. I would then try to also section the case. If anyone has a way of finding this out I would be very grateful. I checked ORDDATA.COM with no luck.




The 105mm M115B1 case has an elecric M80A1 primer wich has a very long igniter tube.
Here an example of the headstamp for the M724A1 cartridge.



Fantastic! Thank you so much WESTERN! Do you think the M737 uses the same primer? I would think so as the M724A1 looks to be almost the same design and sign. I think I have that case and primer. Off to go check! If so, I will try sectioning it. It is so hard cutting that steel that I take the case to a machine shop and have them do it for me with my measurements.


I’m not 100% sure about the primer but can’t see a reason why using a different primer for this simular design projectile.


Thanks Western. It is hard to say, but I have a bunch of 105MM cases all with different primers. I can’t stand not having all the correct inert components when I attempt to make a cutaway. I have a strong feeling this is the correct primer for the M737 TPDS projectile also. I just checked my extra cases out and it so happens I have the exact case you scanned the head-stamp to for the M724A1. Very fired-up! I am trying to decide how I want to cutout windows in it. Thanks so much for your help.