Sectioned 105MM TPDS M737 Projectile


Here is a scan of the headstamp on the 105MM M115B1 casing with stenciling for the M724A1 TPDS projectile. It is almost the same as the on Western posted above. Both are M115B1 cases with M80A1 primers. I think they are just stenciled for the UK and US? I think I am going to cut 2 windows in this case. A 3.5" inch wide oval on the bottom and a window on the top detailing the projectile internals and the point were the primer meets the projectile :-)


I am sorry about that,I have this pict from a friend and he makes also that cuts of the 105mm,so I thought it was his pict.
I even don’t know this web-site.
So I am sorry!!

Thanks for the apology Gyrojet. I’ve just gotten tired of people ignoring the instructions. 99.9% of the time I don’t even care if the images are used, I just wish people would ask first. No hard feelings.



Awesome Dude!


Hi Jason,
Great job. I like the two windows. I’m not sure about the painting because it never was painted before. But then again this showed you a “secret” code.


Thanks Guys! :-)


FYI, more details to the answer of the internal markings can be found on a separate thread dedicated to that subject, “Markings INSIDE of a 105 MM Tank Case”. Threw Pepper’s contacts he discovered the “Definitive Answer”, which is pretty interesting :-)



Maybe need to change the header of that “Markings INSIDE…” post to “JASONSTAMPS in a 105 MM Tank Case”