Sectioned 7.7 AP Japanese Round

A 7.7 Japanese SR Ap round. Brass case, Note brass Jacket Sectioned by Rob Sweet.

May I respectfully suggest a PC correction to the title and a word in the text of this thread. The word “Jap” is considered insulting to my people of Japanese Ancestry. Perhaps if the word, used twice, one in title and once in text, were changed to “Japanese” or simply to the recognized abbreviation “Jap.” (in this case, a period means a lot), it might be better. I know that no insult was intended here. It is a matter of sensitivity primarily in areas where there are large communities of Japanese-Americans or Japanese living in other countries. It would do no harm to make the changes, and better represent the IAA and its members in proper form, I think. Many good people who would not intentionally insult any group are simply not aware of this issue.

Thank you for hearing me out.

No insult intended! I was not aware that term was offensive. Corrected.


It’s political correctness that bit you in the a$$. I know a couple of WW II Vets who would find your being reprimanded as offensive, but they would be labeled as the offensive ones because they are on the wrong side of the political correctness fence. Fortunately for the PC crowd they’re aren’t many of them left. Unfortunate for us.

Just an honest opinion by Ray.

Ray - would any of those vets be anyone who fought alongside the 442nd Regimental Combat Team,
all Japanese-American soldiers, or like “the Texans,” was rescued by it, the most highly decorated unit of WWII? I think not.

I care not at all about the effects of word usage on the Japanese of Japan. You reap what you sow. I care very much about it on Japanese-Americans, who of any ethnic group in America are probably the absolute model of what America should and could be.

Just my opinion. I understand where you are coming from. I know well the history of WWII and I, too, was born before that war. I also understand that it is “PC” and said so in my request.

At any rate, Thanks Steve. I knew that no slur was intended, and also said that. The world and the country is what it is, and many of the sensitivities about things have legitimate roots. Others are just downright silly or in some cases plain stupid.

Back to cartridges. It would not insult me, by the way, if the comments on this thread were delieted, except for the very nice cutaway cartridge view provided by Steve.

No John, one Vet in particular that I am talking about, a very good friend, was a US Sailor who, at the age of 18, found himself shore-bound in the Phillipines in 1941. You can probably guess the rest of the story. He never hesitated to let his feelings be known and I often heard others comment, behind his back, how offensive he was. I would tell them, “Why don’t you tell Neil what you just said?” Needless to say, they never did, being cowards as most PC people are. If they had said something to him he would have pummeled them as long as his strength lasted. It seems to me that the PC sword cuts only one way.

Neil died in 2008 and I still think of him.

BTW, hyphenated nationalities are another example of PC run amok. I’m a first generation American and my dad would have whacked me up the side of my head if I had called him or me anything but an American.

Again, opinions by Ray.

In my humble opinion, If one fought in a war against a foe of another race or ethnic group, then one has earned the right to use whatever term he or she chooses to use… My Korean War veteran friends earned that priveledge in the frozen mountains of that far away land. My Grandfather’s little brother died in the Pacific during WWII. No one ever questioned his term of choice for the Japanese. Personally, my enemy during Desert Storm was so unworthy that I choose to not even honor them with an insulting name…

As far as I am concerned, “7.7 Jap” is an abbreviation, not a derogatory term.

Back to the original post, that is an excellent sectioned cartridge!


Generally speaking I am not PC. In this case no insult was intended. When I chose to sling an insult it will be apparent and blunt. However I must rush back to my Ballet lessons! HA! NOT!

The 442 was made up of Americans. None of them were JAPS. JAPS were the enemy.
Some years ago Sen. Inouye from Hawaii was in the news in a major way. It was Watergate, Clinton Impeachment, that kind of circus, I don’t remember which , a friend refered to him as “that Jap”. I took the opportunity to explain that not only was he not a “JAP” but that he was an AMERICAN hero. TOJO was a JAP. INOUYE and all the men of the 442 were AMERICANS. There is a beautiful monument to them near the Capitol building in DC.

AMERICANS of all backgounds are AMERICANS.

How about leaving the PC to those who actually ARE offended by words and stick to the subject of the thread.

PC blather offends ME ! Please cut out the nonsense.



I like the sectioning. Thanks for posting it. That primer looks like it has compound in it. How did he cut it without blowing it up?

I have cut several live primers before, right up to the point where one blew up on me! But I did not section this one so Im not sure how he did it. Perhaps a drop of oil?

I agree that the term “Jap” should generally be avoided (in this forum anyway) in the same way that the word “Kraut” or “Frog” should be avoided or at least only used in the correct historical context. That being said, there are apparently at least some ammunition manufacturers who print even modern labels with the abbreviation “Jap”:

So there is some precedent. But no worries now anyway. Thanks.

They will likely be prosecuted for hate speech.

The Japanese have been very successful at the revision of history and teach in their schools that the war was the fault of the US and Britain.

Thousands of free men died for your right and mine to tell the truth about history.

Jap is an abreviation for JAPanese , Kraut and Frog are not. Krautanese, Froganese ?

I am rather fond of sourkraut but have to draw the line when it comes to frog legs.

Back to ammo; I have dispatched numerous frogs in my youth. Most of these events were BB gun related. No reason other than the ignorance of youth involved. A 22 makes a normal sized frog disappear. There are, however, some huge frogs.

That is living dangerously. I have had primers blow while trying to remove the powder after oil and using a tooth pick. That stuff does not like being bothered !

I have a safe technique that I use to section through live primers, but of course I will not reveal that here. In all of my sectioned cartridges, the original primer compound is completely removed and replaced with an inert substitute.


Sectioning live ammo is a manly art closely related to EOD and bomb disposal. I admire people with that kind of grit.

I can section a cartridge, but I panic when I have to open a can biscuits! They ALWAYS pop on me!

Try those biscuits after the class. They may not be so scary.

If you want to cut a Schvak HE I may be able to find you one.

HA! I would love to have one of those rounds, however sectioning that one may be above my current level.