Sectioned 9x19 Norma


Another item from the junk box. Is it factory sectioned?

sectioned pmm HS



It could be factory, but I have never seen one like it before. The case head looks like the primer isn’t really a primer but just a circle cut around the brass of the case head, but the side view shows a primer pocket. If I had to guess I’d say legit. If I found it I’d put it in the collection.

Another cute item. Ship your junk box down and I will check it out for you!!!



Lew, thanks for the info.



i can see that primer pocket appear to be berdan ?

military case ?

because my 9mm norma are all boxer primed


Hello ammogun,

The case does appear to be Berdan primed.



Early Norma 9 mm with both commercial headstamps,
and military, are Berdan primed.

John Moss