Sectioned ammunition


I have a list of sectioned ammunition I will have at SLICS.

PM me if you’d like it.

Some examples…



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Hey Paul,

Did you notice the last one has a big dent in the side and it has a wood stick stuck in the case, I don’t think it will sell very well :-) :-)



I’ve always been fascinated by sectioned ammunition. Can anyone provide a description of how it is made? Do the pull the powder out and then mix it with a glue and put it back in the sectioned case? How do they get the hardened steel core out and then put it back in the bullet (I’ve seen rounds where the hardened steel core is not sectioned but the bullet around it is).

Due to concern over safety issues and possible liability details on “how to section” are not allowed on this forum.

However, that would be an EXCELLENT topic for a presentation at SLICS where the audience is limited to people with appropriate backgrounds about ammunition history and safety. Especially if the presenter discussed “This is how I do it,” not “This is how YOU should do it.” There are several IAA members who attend SLICS with demonstrated expertise in this area who could make such a presentation.

I have heard that one former IAA member (or perhaps several) had serious injuries when sectioning ammunition, and any details on those would be good to add. (The USN nuclear program director Admiral H.G. Rickover reportedly advised people "Learn from the mistakes of others, you won’t live long enough to make them all yourself.’)

Paul, please send me a list.

I would like a copy of the list also.

I had some made from me by a member - it makes a fascinating display and as John said above, I sure wasn’t gonna do it myself :)