Sectioned bullets

Peters Belted

Peters Protected Point

Western Silvertip

WRA Protected Point

U.S.C. Co. HCP

REM-UMC Umbrella Point

Newton Wire Point

Brass Point and Bronze Point

Western O.P.E. and Nosler ballistic Tip

REM-UMC Mushroom and REM-UMC Core-Lokt

Very interesting. Are lead cores removed from the first few? Sorry about what’s probably an obvious question, but my interest is strictly military cartridges.


Yes, the cores have been removed where they would hide the features of the jacket.

I too collect military. You’ll find a lot of interesting things inside them too.


Would make a nice little article for the Journal or the homepage, very nice sections.

Great work as usual.

Aaaaargh!! JOURNAL #445

Wow! Those are fantastic sections Ray.

[quote=“Ray Meketa”]Brass Point and Bronze Point


Nice work, Ray.

I used to think that the “Rada” bullet on some spanish hunting cartridges was like the Remington Bronze Point. Now I see I was wrong. Lt. Gen. Rada must have furnished another bullet for a model.

This is a Rada bullet on a 7 x 57 cartridge.

That design is very similar to the U.M.C.Co. HCP (Hollow Copper Point). There is also a similar European or English bullet although I can’t think of the name of it right off hand.

Now, what is that case???


Ray concerning the Newton Wire Tip bullets, I have a Peters 30-30 cartridge with what I believe to be such a bullet. However mine appears to be an all lead SPITZER point. I therefore realise it must be a reload, though looks factory. As I understand it these bullets were never factory loaded but sold as components only. My questions are: is there any other company that manufactured a wire tip bullet? Did anyone ever factory load a wire tip bullet? Lastly I assume they also did unjacketed lead bullets, am I correct?

Newton Arms Company (N.A.Co.) factory loaded their own wire point bullets. It’s believed that any other headstamped case with a wire point bullet is a handload although I cannot say for sure if that’s true.

I’m no expert on bullets but it wouldn’t surprise me if others made wire point bullets even though they were patented. I’ve never seen a lead bullet with a wire point although it would be easy to cast them.

A wire point bullet can be identified with a magnet.