Sectioned "Cartridge of Month" submissions needed


Paul Smith has provided nearly all the superb “Cartridge of the Month” submissions to date. His computer just died, so we need a few submissions from other folks to help out for a while. I would like to get about six submissions ahead, so just a few submissions from different people would be a BIG help right now!
All we need is a couple of .jpg or .gif images, showing the sectioned side and preferably one of the intact side of a round plus a text or MS Word document with a couple of brief paragraphs describing what it is and what makes it interesting and maybe a reference or two. This can be anything from dinky rimfires to artillery ammo. You can include other stuff if you want to get fancy (catalog or advertising scans, photos of the weapon that uses it, the inventor, or whatever). The Webmaster will take your submission and make turn it into the web page format. You will be credited or can remain anonymous as you prefer. Reply to this post if interested and I will provide address to send material.
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I have sectioned a round now but ho can I send it too ? (picture)


Where do I send some submissions ?