Sectioned rounds

I have some sectioned auto pistol rounds, but between the two postings on the “rules of engagement” for these, both by administrators, I am confused on the whole issue. In fact, I don’t see why there is an issue, and they just can’t be posted at random like questions on any other type of cartridge. I don’t see the need for a special section - they are, after all, all different in every other way except that they are sectioned views. If we group postings for sectioned rounds all together, must we post threads about dummy rounds, or tracers, etc., all together also, or all together by the caliber of ammo being discussed?

If someone could clarify this for me, I will be most happy to scan what sectioned auto pistol rounds I have. Some are done very, very well, while a few others not so well, but I think all of these sectioned rounds are interesting.

John Moss–I think the idea to make the Sectioned cartridges a seperate Forum, if we do, is to keep them grouped together for reference. Personally, I do NOT consider the sectioned rounds in the same catogory as Tracers, etc. They have been altered from the original for the purpose of educating us lessor souls (Those with no means or abilities to section cartridges). As such I think they should be in a seperate Forum.

As for the two different sets of instructions, Mine and John S., it is John’s, as Webmaster, that need to prevail. Both sets of thoughts have their merit, but I think John’s ideas are better, but ONLY if we make a seperate Forum. Right now, with sectioned rounds scattered all though the main Forum, they are difficult to find as the titles vary so much for the individual threads. But, by adding the word (Sectioned) to the post heading they can be retreived by searching for that word.

So, please post your sectioned pistol cartridges, but please try to post each one as a seperate post, not a bunch of different things in one post. It makes it easier to retrieve a picture of just what your interested in a later date.

Ron gave good advice to you, John (Moss).

We will decide if we will break the sectioned items into a separate forum area later, just for ease of reference. If the volume is enough, we will do it, If it is not enough (and I really dont have a specific number in mind) then we will just leave them here.

As long as people use the caliber and (sectioned) they will be fairly easy to find in either place, and use of the “search” feature will locate all of them very easily if left here.

Let’s see what you got to share with us!

Thanks to all who have submitted so far.

I can see some difficulties with separate forums. Someone may wish to post a pic of sectioned round in order to illustrate a discussion point in a thread about a non-sectioned round, and vice versa.

After discussion with others, I have decided that we will NOT start a separate “sectioned” forum for the forseeable future.

We will leave them in the general forum.

PLEASE be sure to include “(sectioned)” as part of the title if you post a sectioned item.

Keep up the great posts!