Sectioned Sierra MatchKing photo?


Does anyone have a decent photo of a sectioned Sierra MatchKing? I’m looking for one to illustrate a presentation I’m making. The calibre and weight don’t matter much (although a 7.62mm/.300 military sniper bullet would be ideal) since I just want to show the method of construction.

Thanks for any help.


MK262 Mod 1 Long Range Navy Heavy Ball, 77gr match king by Black Hills Ammo. Hollow point, has a cannulure. Was in compitition with 27 different commercial match projectiles in 1999, the 77gr sierra matchking was chosen for availability and cost. Black Hills is the only mfg. Sorry no pic of a .308/7.62x51 wolfgang


Thanks wolfgang!



I’ve sectioned a lot of bullets and the SMKs and most all competition hollow points are made the same way. Benchrest bullets are often made with different length jackets resulting in longer bullets (higher BC), but result in the same total weight by adjusting the core length. So, the only basic difference in them is the amount of space between the meplat and top of the core. Some have a surprising amount of space and yet they shoot exceptionally well. I always test my Benchrest bullets with the un-scientific method of sticking a pin into the hollow point to see how much airspace there is.

Anyway, here’s a photo of a 30 Caliber 168 grain SMK. It appears the core comes up a little higher than the 22 Caliber that Wolfgang showed.



Many thanks, Ray.