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I can say that tanfoglio pistols are currently avaiable in 9 x 24 FAR here,and in the italian national catalog are listed some pistols in 10 mm FAR too made by tanfoglio.

The inventor of this case was Antonio Cudazzo who submitted his project to Tanfoglio in the mid '90.
I should have the original sheet with the drawings made by Cudazzo somewhere

An italian magazine tested this caliber some years ago,but I don’t remember if they used factory ammo too,but I think so.I will look for the article and post a picture

There are 9 pistol models chambered for the 9 mm FAR currently avaiable in Italy,and 3 pistols models chambered for the 10 mm FAR

9 mm FAR ammunition is commercially avaiable through LCM that loads this caliber with lapua cases and 124 grains bullets.

LCM loads this cartridge according 3 power levels

target load = high powered 9 x 21 or 9 x 19
self defence load= 38 super auto
special purposes load= 10 % more than a 38 Super auto

Pivi - excellent and amazing information. It would be interesting to know if LCM purchased a big supply of cases years ago, or if Lapua currently makes them. It would also be interesting to know if Lapua currently makes the ammunition, as well. We have seen no evidence of either in the USA. I am amazed about the 10mm Lapua as well. You mention guns already chambered for it. Have you ever seen the cartridge? It is remarkable that none of the Europeans have brought any to St. Louis. Lapua and EAA must have have done a market survey, although I have never seen or heard of one done, and found that there was little market for this in our country.

I have the Lapua English-language catalogs for most years since the late 1990s. The only mention of this ammunition in any Lapua literature that I have is a broadsheet dated 2001 showing some new calibers. From 2002 on, nothing to do with the 9mm FAR or the 10mm FAR is shown in any of the catalogs I have - not loaded ammunition and not empty cases. In fact, in the last two years, they have even dropped .38 Special and .357 Magnum from their catalog, leaving only the .32 S&W Long, and a number of loads in 9mm Parabellum.

It seems we still have lots of unanswered questions about these FAR cartridges. Hope some one can fill in the voids:

Is Lapaua still, in 2008, actively producing the 9mm FAR cases?
Is Lapua still making the 10mm FAR Case?
If they are not currently making either case, when did they cease production of them?
When did they begin production of the 10mm FAR Case?
Did Lapua ever make any factory ammunition - from their own plant - in either the 9mm or 10mm FAR?
Does anyone have any Lapua box labels for brass or ammunition in either FAR caliber that they can post here?

1-info about these cartridges is scarce,however I have never seen any lapua factory load.I can ask some italian guys,anyway

2-I have never seen a 10 mm FAR,altough there are some pistols chambered fot this round.Years ago I made a call to Tanfoglio,but they hadn’t got 10 mm cases in stock.I think that this cartridge was produced in small lots only by hand to test the weapons.

3-yes,9 mm FAR cases are still currently avaiable.I think that they are marketed
in Italy only,such as the 30-357 A&T

4-I will send an e mail to tanfoglio asking them some info about the 10 mm round