Sectioning Attempt On A 5.56 MAL 10-81

I added a new tool to my home workshop that gave me a new way to try sectioning. I am a total novice at this and the past only sectioned large 25MM & Up inert rounds. This tiny stuff was in a way much harder and the first time I fused the powder so I could keep it in the casing. The lead in the projectile had a small internal crack. Not sure if I caused it or a manufacturing fluke? I attempted a 35 Remington next but at the very end, the lead core fell out of the copper jacketing when I was buffing it on the polish wheel.



5.56 M A L 10-81

Nice work, but I “think” this borders subjects were not supposed to discuss on the forum to I will try and respect that.

I don’t know what process you use to get it to ths polish stage and it does’nt matter either. I don’t polish, but when done it looks like it.
I have a steel block about 1/2" x 1" and I wrap say 400 grit (sometimes 320 grit is better) wet and dry sandpaper around that steel block and work the rough spots ect. down to a smooth surface. Then I change the grit of sandpaper to 600 grit.

Then I get a square rubber eraser and put valve griding compoud on the eraser and work it the same way as with the sandpaper, only there is only valve griding compound doing the work and polishing it leaves a polished look without the rounded edges. And its easier to control the process mainly.
Doing it this way “for me” seems to cause less problems with the bullet jackets primers ect coming loose. Hope this helps

That helps a lot! Thank you so much for the polishing tips. I will definitely try that.