Sectioning UTM items-second primer in case

The company UTM (Ultimate Training Munition) out of the UK is selling ammunition to the military in the US and elsewhere. Pepper just indicated that some of their stuff recently received an US type designation.

As this stuff gets more common, some is being cut up. Be careful, these rounds have a second primer up inside the cartridge just about where you would drill or cut. they also have loose bits inside the round.

The second primer is initiated by the steel ball that sits above the lower primer. Note the round on the right (a battlefield blank) has been fired.

I have a full set of those rounds including 5.7x28, but they were sectioned by the designer!

I am looking for a 5.7x28 but have not see them over here !!


I have not even seen a picture of one! Could someone post one please?

Not my personal collection interest, but, WOW those are cool. Incredibly fascinating design and something I have never seen before.

Great safety warning Lew! That easily could be a disaster in the making if someone not 100% familiar with this design feature tried to section this type of round. Just validates that sectioning of any live round should only be done by experts who fully understand all the particulars of the ammunition’s construction. Anyhow, they are awesome.


Lew- How about turning this into a cartridge of the month submission?
Try to space out the rounds so I can use individual images instead of the group shot. ALso show the “complete” side.
A bit of history, the cautionary note and it will be ready to go.

I agree, those would be awesome “Cartridge Of The Month” specimens!!!

John S,

Pics and material sent!