Seeking Interpretation of Abbreviations in Stenciled Label on French(?) Ammo Can


The image shown below is from the online auction site:

Below is the same image, but with some of the label outlined in red, “F4 ET LT LC 10”. Does anyone know what this means?

Also note the outlined in green “LOT 03-IMI-10”, which I assume means lot 3, IMI 2010. Correct me if I’m wrong.




My guess:
F4 - model
ET LT - etui laiton (brass case)
LC 10 - lame-chargeur (stripper clip with 10 rounds; see symbol bottom left)


And I guess made by IMI in Israel.


yes, all is right…

and here is an sample of a “CART BLANC F4 ET LT” made by IMI in 2010 (sorry for the bad shape of the case)


Here is the packet (with black plastic clips):



Thanks to all!

Great information and pictures.