Seeking Sellier&Bellot 5.7x28mm

Seeking an example of 5.7x28mm produced by Sellier&Bellot.
This was a very short lived project for S&B and then cancelled.
Any form of cartridge or cartridge case bearing the S&B head stamp would be deeply appreciated.

They announced it in early 2016, but I never saw any photos of anything. Did they actually produce any for retail sale?

In October of last year, I sent a e-mail to Sellier & Bellot, seeking information as to a limited production of 5.7x28mm. As part of the information request I asked if it was possibly have a picture or drawing of a head stamp.

On Oct.21, I received a brief reply to my questions and that is as follows:

Yes, the project was terminated. Sorry but I am not be authorized for
give information about the quantity. Here is photo of head and box.

In case of further question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Milos Kremia
specialist of ballistics
Sellier & Bellot

Alas I do not have a working scanner but I have use of a friends. I’ll be happy to do so via a PM.

Hi I am sorry I don’t not have 5,7 x28 made by Sellier bellot any more only 4,6x30

Thanks for taking time to check. If you ever locate any 5.7’s please let me know.
Also always interested in 5.56x45mm / .223.

Where are you located? Checked IAA directory .


I am from Czech republik