Seeking suggestions for plastic cases for holding cases


howdy all,
i am seeking plastic cases for holding 7.62x39-mm bullet down/headstamp up. i just picked up some mtm (rs-s-50) cases and with the 7.62x39-mm cartridges bullet down are very loose. i also have a single berry’s 405-203. they sit rather well in the berry’s case except hen you have five in a column, then they shift each other–too tight. any one have any suggestions?


rim diameters of .357 and 7,62x39 are about the same, so my .357 cases provide a firm sit (not MTM).


hans, who produces the cases you use?


they are Herter’s brand and purchased in the 70s.


Chris–The J & J boxes for .17 Rem & 223 work well. They are tighter than the MTM cases. Plus they come in 6 different colors so you can color code what is in them. I like the white ones best. They are translucent so you can see the bullet tip colors easily. Here is a link:


Ron-- Thanks for the suggestion! These cases work well for holding the cartridges bullet down/headstamp up? Thanks.


Chris–Yes, they work the best of the 3 or 4 brands I have used. The cartridges move very little in them and are the perfect depth. I have them in blue, red and yellow, besides the white and the white ones are the best for seeing the bullet tips. While they are not crystal clear, they are translucent enough that you have no problem reading the headstamps without even opening the cover.