Sellier and Bellot 9mm NATO head stamp question

I purchased this ammo in the summer from an online vendor. Supposed to be NATO spec ammo and i believe it to be. It is of high quality in my opinion, probably the best 9mm NATO ammo I’ve shot in term of accuracy. My question is what does the P.S. indicate on the headstamp? I would assume the 08/15 is date of manufacture. Also in the photo you can see a NATO stamp and the S&B stamp. Would any one know what P.S. means and why they would stamp it the cartridge case? I’ve never seen this stamped on other sellier and bellot 9mm ammo, so I’m curious. Thanks.

It is an S&B contract for the Italian Police.


Thank you for that information. I’ve looked at the pictures and my box does look different but the ammo is the same, but with a different date. I would be happy to post picture of box if anyone would like to see it. Thanks.

Thank you Lew.

Go ahead and post all you think will fit.

P.S. - “Polizia di Stato” (State Police). - Italy


I decided to open every box of this ammo I have. I have several manufacturing dates… Some 08/15 , 10/15, and 10/16. I purchased 1000 rounds. I found something interesting in the bottom of the case of 1000 rounds… Three boxes without the P.S. headstamp… They simply read S&B, 10/16 and a NATO stamp. Here’s a pic without the P.S. if anyone is interested in seeing this.

Box picture for reference… If anyone would like to see this. May have to click on image to enlarge.