Sellier & Bellot 2.5" short tactical shotshells

Back in mid-summer during an internet search I came across a very random, and unknown-to-me box of S&B shotshells. It was a 12ga 10rd box, and the graphics were completely unfamiliar. The shells were slugs, and were listed as “tactical” in the description. That seller was out of stock, and I could find nothing on S&B’s website, U.S. or Czech. Recently I did another search, and these seem to be showing up more at places like Sportsman’s Gear, Cheaperthandirt, Rareammo, etc., however they are usually out of stock.

There are two variations, both slugs (1oz or 1&1/8oz) with no buckshot variety as of yet. The 1oz load is described as “low recoil”, and the 1&1/8oz is listed as “standard velocity”. They are both described as tactical shotshells, and the label makes mention of how they are 2.50" and should allow for +1 capacity in most tactical shotgun magazine tubes (tubes of at least 5rd capacity?). I can still find nothing on the S&B website, and it looks like the peak point of inventory for now has passed with most sellers being out of stock. I’m hoping they put out a 00-buck version to go along with the slugs for my modern short shotshell collection.

Has S&B a new logo?

In the 2014 catalog there is also a “tachtical buckshot” with 63.5mm length.

I received the boxes of this type that I had ordered. They look just like the photos, and are indeed 2.5" long. In length they are the same as the Herters (Cabelas) short shotshells of similar design. Cabelas only does 00 buckshot though. I did manage to find a listing for the S&B short 12ga buck load, which they refer to as the “practical” with index number V022582:

I wonder if this is something common only to Czech Republic / Slovakia, or is this variation showing up elsewhere in Europe? I’d love to get a few of them.

Does anybody have one of the above shown boxes?
If so I would be very interested to get a high res scan (as high as possible) of the “SB Lion” logo.

Is anybody able to help?

Here is a scanned image from the box I have. This measures about 2.00" x 1.50" on the box:

Matt that is great! Right what I needed. Thanks a lot!

I just came across another version of this new type of packaging shown as a breaching load. Typically only for law enforcement, I am increasingly seeing breaching loads like this distributed by retail distributors and being picked up by retailers for regular retail sale. So far, I can find this S&B version only at Sportsmansguide, and Idealblasting. On the rear of the box it shows two types; “Open Door Plastic” (this type), and “Open Door Powder”.

Matt, a well connected researcher from Czechia told me that this “tactical” series was developed (is intended) for LE. I assume now that the only sale to civilians might be within the US.
Thanks for the update!

EOD. i have some of the breaching ammo for training purposes…and they used as filler…powdered tea, (I dont knew which taste :-) ) which gives also color marks on impact, where the trainer could check, if his student tooks the gun to the right angle and hit the door on the pre-given spot…


Forensic, is that tea bag round also from the “tactical” series?