Sellier & Bellot .303 Box - any idea on its age?



I was given a 20 round box of Sellier and Bellot .303 ammunition and I’m wondering if anyone could tell me its vintage? The picture is deceiving, as the cardboard in a green/blue colour, not the puse colour it appears to be. None of the rounds have a date on them.


Any help greatly appreciated.


One would to have to find out at what time exactly the CIP ammunition approval (the M within what I see as silhouette target) became mandatory in Czechoslovakia. Sometime around 1985, I think.



Are the side panels marked with a full company designation? I have a few ads showing similar boxes in other calibers dating from 1989. In any case, Jochem is right, the “M” proof symbol was put on effect on December 1, 1984.




I remember that I have bought some of these boxes at Frankonia Jagd in the nineties.


Hi Fede - no, there is no print on any other part of the packaging.


Thank you all for your replies - they are very helpful.


Looking to the 5.33 Boxer primers in the rifle cartridges I would guess mid of ninetees+.
Few years after 1989 still Berdan primers were used at S&B…


Tomas, they made cartridges with Boxer primers before mid of the 90’s, because you can find mention of this in boxes, ads and catalogs by “ZVS - Blanické strojírny Sellier and Bellot, koncernový podnik”, a designation officially used until July 1, 1989, when it changed to “Blanické strojírny Sellier and Bellot, státní podnik”. Also, you can find them as well during the timeframe of the former designation (1989-1992), that is before the Czech Republic was established.

Here is an example of a German language box. It was advertized by Frankonia in 1989.