Sellier & Bellot boxes

Am I seeing it right that the pictures of a cat and a hare are interchanged on these boxes? The cat is on the left on one and on the right on another. Is it normal to flip images within one production lot?

In our time of desktop publishing software for creating “electronic” printing plates, I think swapping the images requires not more than three mouse clicks or so.
If the stock of “old” boxes was exhausted during packing of a given cartridge lot, I believe the use of “new” boxes was not important enough to be reflected in the cartridge lot number. After all, if problems show up, tracing the components of the cartridges is important, not of the boxes.

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My mistake, they are NOT the same lot, I just did not look at the reverse side. They did come from the same dealer and table.

Take it easy. It would be very surprising if the stock of printed boxes always exactly matched the produced cartridge lot sizes.

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