Sellier & Bellot cartridge boards

I just found this.

Does any one have these displays and comments please ?

Can these be special ordered in Canada and the U.S. ?


Dell-google can’t find your website address, but no matter. I have a Sellier & Bellot Board that I bought off the Wall at the end of a SHOT Show a few years ago. It is lovely. Can’t think of any other comment I could make. They had three different, and I would have bought them all, but they were limiting any one individual to one of them. So, even though not the most spectacular of the boards, I bought the pistol-oriented one because it is my field. Really all I had room for anyway. I like boards. I have a couple of old English Boards, but all the rest of mine are modern, as I never have been able to afford the gorgeous old Winchester, UMC, Remington etc, and for most of my working life, I was able to enjoy the 20 or so Boards on the walls at our store, which in cluded two Winchester, a bunch of English, and a gorgeous old UMC Board. And, I didn’t have to pay for them. Almost as good as owning them myself. In fact, I miss them. They are mostly at the Cody Museum now, but don’t know how many are displayed, as have, unfortunately, never been there.







Unfortunately, and stupidly, they wouldn’t be legal in the UK if any of the bullets were HP or SP.

They appear to be mounted on green baize which is the authentic backing for most original boards. I like that because a lot of modern attempts use coloured felt and the colour doesn’t look right.

My Board is the “MIX” Board pictured. I would have liked the Pistol Board also, but they didn’t have one of those on display. They are pretty well done. I like especially the use of the pictures of Mssrs. Sellier & Bellot on some of the boards. Nice touch.

[quote=“Vince Green”]Unfortunately, and stupidly, they wouldn’t be legal in the UK if any of the bullets were HP or SP.
I doubt it would ever be a real problem, first someone has to see it, know what it is, and want to cause a problem over it. In the country where repeat offenders guilty of serious crimes are given a slap on the wrist, I would be surprised if anything came of it.

If I know something is illegal, in particular if it concerns firearms or ammunition, I don’t keep it.

I know some collectors generally may have a different attitude but my advice is don’t even think about it.

It only takes one “concerned citizen” to make a joke or malicious report to the police and your house gets searched.